April 5, 2017

We worked with Atonement Entertainment to create a series of videos to be used in an onboard airline and tv commercial campaign for our organization, the Master Pools Guild.  The Atonement Team was nothing short of fabulous to work with.  Our shoot was very involved and conditions changed mid way thru the day.  The “we will make this work” attitude was so appreciated.  We have worked with other companies that would have seen a mid day correction as an easy way to change the contract – the Atonement team did not.  They viewed it as a challenge to show us that they were able and willing to handle any and all challenges and that is exactly what they did thru the entire project.  Never missing a deadline, never asking for a contract revision, always with a commitment to a quality finished product and an excellent experience for us – their client.  We recommend their team highly & welcome any inquiries should you like to discuss our experience further.