VIDEO Production


Atonement Entertainment offers a wide array of video production options. We have found that, through asking the right questions, we can extract the vision that resides at the true heart of the client’s mind. In putting the client’s creative ideal first, we are then able to use our developed skills to carve out a unique production framework each time.


What Can Video Production Do For Your Business?



When considering a company and their brand, we take into account everything from intended target audience to the method of distribution. We assess the creative perspective of the client and build out effective marketing material efficiently each time.

Music Video

The art form of conceptualizing a music video is unique in how two creative parties come together; full of emotion and passion for a particular story. The end result is usually breathtaking.


Our culture today is being directly molded by the production of cinematic feature films. We aim to create wholesome, organic films, that are intriguing to all demographics without sacrificing our integrity. Film making can and should be inspiring and uplifting to those who consume it.


Documentary-style film making is one of the most artistic ways to portray current events and facts from history. With our creative approach, we deliver fascinating products with each production.


The only living memory for your special day, a wedding video is something you can cherish into your old age. We offer a single style of wedding video production that portrays the day tastefully from beginning to end.